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Since I've posted an entry. And I'm basically exactly where I was back then as I am now. Only older and moved a couple of places.

This is distressing.

People have come and gone from my life and I'm trying to figure out who I am and I just don't want to try and think about it too much because it will destroy me. I know over-dramatic. Whatever.

Looks like I still have a long way to go.
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Today I finally got my computer back *happy dance of victory*. But with my joy there is a dark cloud looming over me. It's called Job Hunting -_-;;;; I'm currently waiting to be called for an interview, and the wait is killing me!!!!!! So i need to put in some more applications and hope to God i get a job! HEHEHEHE, that's all for my little rant. =^_^=
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Ok so my mother hasnt been really been too supportive of my BJD hobby... She's warmed up to it though and I'm glad. And she's expressed interest in a few dolls. So i'm going to secretly save up for those for her and get her into the hobby with me =^_^= that way me and her can have more things to bond over... I think it's a good plan muhahaha


1.) Littlefee Ante (was going to get the Elf fullset but she doesnt like elf ears lol)


1.) Kid Delf Ani Girl (real skin normal)

I know there arent many dolls that she likes and those are the two that she REALLY loves. I'm kinda glad that there arent many since i have a whole list i need to save up for as well haha.
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So yesterday was Feb.12 my SD boy Reid came home. He's the newest BJD to join my gang and he's my first boy. I luff him to bits! And yesterday it finally snowed so it was a really good day for me. Since Reid has been out of the box he hasnt been far from my at all. He's either right next to me on my desk or in my lap. I have a very strong bond already with Reid compared to my two girls. Which is really sad... but hopefully i can bond with them soon as well. So yeah thats my little random blog for today.
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This is a very long list of BJD's that I hope to eventually buy. Some of them I just want because I really love the sculpt. Others are original characters that have been brought into doll form. The list is long and I will have to save for a very long time, but it will be worth it.

1.) Delf Dreaming Vampire Shiwoo--- Demetri
2.) Delf Shiwoo---- Dante

1.) [FFD] Saiph normal skin---Tawny a.k.a Gaia
2.) Gem Kanoa

1.) Littlefee Bisou Girl--- Ellie
2.) Littlefee Bisou Boy-- Elijah
3.) Littlefee Ante Elf Girl---- Gabriella
4.) Littlefee Soo Dark Elf--- Reiko Ito
5.) MFN Soo--- Mina

((All Iplehouse dolls are all characters from an RP))

1.) E.I.D. Woman Jessica NS--- Cormia
2.) J.I.D Tania ---- Pet

Dream of Doll:
1.) D.O.I A&D---- Dorian

Doll in Mind:
1.) MnM Soof 01
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So today I woke up and me and my mother went to go get breakfast as Jack's... in the pouring down rain. Yay us haha =^_^=. Then throughout the day me and her persisted in fighting about every aspect of what I want to do. May it be from the conventions i want to go to, to about how i want to go to Snead and get a dorm. So yeah, I even felt so bad that I thought that I would see my BJD's 0.0 which i'm totally not going to do. I'm noticing how i'm just babbling so i better end this hehe...
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So, for my first entry I thought I would babble about how BJD's ((Ball-jointed-dolls)) are more addictive than any drug on earth. I've been into this hobby for about three years, lost touch with it for about a year, but am now fully into it. When I first got into them seriously I was only going to get one so I would be satisfied for a while. My first doll I was able to get b/c she was cheaper, her Name is Phoebe a BBB Elfkin. I was happy with her for a while... until i found a BBB Sprite in the DenofAngels marketplace, and HAD to have her. On Christmas Eve, Aubrey Jamie came home. The first came home on Nov. 5, 2009, the second Dec. 24, 2009. Now it's just Jan 2010 and I'm already in the works for getting my first SD Boy. It's crazy when i sit back and thing that i already have two and one basically on the way. Dolls are really addictive as you can tell haha. And the interesting thing is none of those dolls were part of my 18 doll wishlist @_@. I really only want a few of the 18, but my list keeps adding up. So yeah, it's hectic but I love it =^_^=


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